Friday, February 8, 2013

Series of unfortunate events.

Last week was the worst week of my life. I've been meaning to blog about it and McKelle's blog post reminded me.

-Drove Grant to the train station, get pulled over. 
-I start freaking out.
-Cop was quiet. 
-Cop asked me why I had my lights off.
-What kind of question is that? "Oh, I just felt like having an adventure, sir. You know, just a good, healthy adventure." No of course I had no idea they were off, you idiot.
-Cop gave me a ticket for driving with my headlights off. Grant forgot they were automatic and turned them off earlier that day. 
-I cried.
-Grant told me stop.
-I stopped.

-Had class from 8:30am-9:30pm with one 1-hour break.

-Class at 8:30.
-Had a meeting at noon. Work at 1:30. 
-Went to get in my car. 
-Car is missing.
-Still can't find car.
-Frantically run around my complex, searching for my car.
-Roommate thinks I'm crazy.
-Call Grant, asking him where the flame my car is.
-Call my landlord.
-Call the tow company
- "Hi, I'm wondering if my car got towed from Trolley Regent." "Do you drive an Acura" "Yep." "Well then that answers your question, doesn't it." "Awesome. How do I get it?" *gives me address, tells me its a $200 tow fee, I cry, he gives me fake sympathy, I cry more, hang up phone.*
-I hug my roommate, bawling.
-She says it's going to be okay.
-Stop by bank, get cash.
-Roommate drives me to car towing place.
-Swollen-eyed, I give him $200 cash. 
-Tow guy opens gate. I go to grab my lanyard. No keys on lanyard.
-Drive back home. Get keys.
-Go back, get car.
-Walk to the front door of car place. Completely biff it on ice. 
-Profanity escapes my lips.
-Tow guy treats me like I'm six.
-Open car door, and my apartment parking hang tag is by my gear shifter. Thanks for searching around for the hang tag before towing my car, idiot.
-Drive to work.
-Get off work at 10:30.
-Cry driving home.

-Bank calls, tells me I took money that didn't exist. My transaction of tuition the few days before hadn't gone through yet.
-I realize I'm a bank robber.
-I realize I'm a BROKE bank robber.
-I swoon the banker and tell her I'll put money in later that day.
-Work meeting.
-Go to bank, deposit pay check.
-Patient's spouse yells at me.
-I stay calm.
-They keep yelling.
-Get off work at 10:30.

-Work 1pm- 10:30.

-Home teachers.
-Work until 10:30
-Total of 35 hours in one weekend.

-Wake up at 4AM. 
-Man, I don't feel so good.
-Go to school.
-Run out of anatomy 3 times.
-Hang out by the toilet in the biology building all morning.
-Go to chem lab.
-Run out of chem lab.
-Drape myself over the toilet during the entire chem lab.
-Girl walks in bathroom, goes in adjacent stall, asks if I'm passed out.
-I say no.
-She says feel better.
-I cry.
-She says it will all be okay.
-I believe her.
-Swollen eyed and haggard, I tell teacher I'm leaving.
-Cry on the bus.
-Go home, sleep.
-Wake up at 4PM.
-Throw up.
-I feel like a champion at this point. Literally. I felt so good.
-Go back to sleep.
-Roommate has throwup-o-phobia.
-She leaves for hours, comes back with sprite and crackers.
-Other roommate plays "nurse" and makes me eat.
-I fall asleep.
-Wake up burning hot.
-Go back to sleep on cold leather couch in bra and underwear.

-Only had one class. What a great day. I now start to believe that I am doing something right in my life to deserve a good day. Praise be.

-Class from 8:30-6
-Chem exam at 6.
-Can't find assigned seat in chem exam.
-5 minutes later, still can't find seat #123
-Find seat 123.
-Begin test.
-Can't find the pi button on calculator.
-Finish test.
-Run out of test, across campus in my black concert dress and church shoes, backpack, lunch box, and viola.
-Dodge lots of puddles.
-Don't dodge a puddle.
-Shin deep in puddle.
-Keep running to concert hall.
-Get to concert hall.
-Run to bathroom, dry dress and shoes in hand dryer.
-Perform concert
-Mingle with pals.
-Roommate gets engaged
-Sleepover party

Thursday: This is the day I'm leaving for St. George. St. George= Safe Haven. This is the day I was trying to get to all week. Come on. I can do this. One Anatomy lecture, and I'm on my way. YOU CAN DO THIS ABBEY.
-8:00am- miss the bus
-walk to class
-leave class
-head for home
-pick up kira from provy.
-cruise on home.
-call my mom to tell her where i'm at.
-2 semis block my way.
-I try to pass one.
-Finally I'm away from those semis.
-Kira hits my arm, "There's a cop"
-I look down at my speedometer.
-More profanity.
-Still currently on the phone with mother.
-Drop phone, still swearing.
-Cop follows me.
-Get pulled over.
-Tells me he clocked me at 100.
-I agree.
-Gives me ticket for 100 in a 75.
-I cry.
-Call Grandma, schedule in times for me to work for her.
-Call brother, schedule times for me to babysit.
-Call Mom.
-Mom says she already told Dad.
-Mom asks if I was accidentally going 85 in a 75. HA!
-I ask Kira if we can turn around and just go back up north.
-She says no.
-I tell her I'm serious.
-She says no.
-Drive home the rest of the way. Going 65 MPH exactly. Mmmmmhmm.

Friday/Saturday- St. George
-Saturday afternoon, cousin gets life-flighted to Primary Children's
-I run to the house to watch the kids
-Drive home to SLC that day.
-Visit aunt and uncle at primary children's
-Walk out of hospital.
-Can't find my car.
-Imagine it being towed again.
-Cry some more.
-Find car.
-Drive home.
-Grant had been waiting 2 hours for me at my apartment. I realize I'm a terrible friend.

Now. Tell me that isn't the most unlucky 9 day sequence you've ever heard. They were the worst 9 days of my life.

Sometimes in life, we want someone to "throw us a bone." We want SOMEONE to let us off the hook, catch us a break, give us a freebie. I wanted a bone so badly that week. As I tell Kira in the car about me wanting a bone thrown, she laughs and agrees. But then she says, "Abbey, someone has already thrown you one, HUGE bone." I look at her and know exactly who she is talking about. The Savior. 

Cruddy weeks come and go, and I literally thought this one would never end. But it did. The crappy times AREN'T endless, and they do end. I told my ward in my testimony on Sunday that I am pretty sure I broke a world record for most prayers said in a week. I literally said over 30 prayers a DAY.

Boy am I grateful for those crappy times, but BOY am I glad it's over. As I thought about those weeks, I realized I had SO many tender mercies. 
-All the nights I came home from work late, I got a parking spot. 
-I made it on time to my orchestra concert. 
-I didn't throw up the day of the exam. 
-It HAPPENED to be payday the day the bank called. 
-My roommate HAPPENED to be home when my car went missing.
-My co-workers and patients were my family that weekend and comforted me.
-I got to sleep over with Tori and stay up late talking about life. I seriously love her.
-My cousin left the hospital days later and is doing great.
-Phone calls from friends came at the most perfect times all week.
-I have a mom that I can call at anytime.
-Found the most sincere hand-written note that a best friend snuck in my laptop.
-I have the best siblings in the world that have my back at all times.

Life is life, and I'm so grateful this week was better. 

Peace & Love,


  1. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I had horrible days the past few weeks but Wednesday took the cake. Awful. I love you though and it's true what you said on my blog. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Hope things are lots lots better. You're the worlds greatest.

  2. This post made me want to hug you through the screen. I am so sorry those days sounded like crap, I can't even image. You're a tough cookie and I love you!

  3. Abbey! I love you! This is the best post. You are the best.

  4. Abbey! I just wanted to hug you throughout this whole post!! You're so right though that the Lord always has your back even when you don't think he does. Sometimes we have trials so that other people have the opportunity to serve us, but sometimes they may not follow that prompting to serve. That makes me want to serve people when I see someone is having a bad day. It's okay to have crappy moments, days, or even weeks but you have a great attitude on life! wow.. I've gone off quite enough now haven't I? I just adore you. Good luck girl!

  5. Abbey I am writing this through tears! These life lessons are sometimes very hard to learn, but I am so proud of you that you have already learned the value in trials! You are so young, yet so mature. I am forever grateful that you came into Kira's (and my) life! Love you Abs. <3

  6. oh man, can i give you a hug?

  7. Solid post Arbles. Love you.